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Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture and Alcohol Treatment in Honolulu, HI

At Aloha Psychological Services, we have years of experience helping patients make positive changes in their lives. We have worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds on a wide range of personal and professional problems. 

 We specialize in psychological assistance, alternative medicine and acupuncture. We also are an alcoholism information and treatment center. Our specialists are all members of the Hawaii Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Association. We have stayed at the forefront of the psychology field and use counseling methods and techniques that are supported by research and evidence. 

From acupuncture to alcoholism treatment, we provide the most effective treatments available. Call today and set up an appointment to discuss your needs.   

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 Mental Health Services.

About Dr. Twentyman

Dr. Craig Twentyman of Aloha Psychological Services holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and another doctoral degree with a specialty in naturopathic sciences (medicine). He is also a internationally certified substance abuse counselor and licensed acupuncturist. Currently he is serving as president of The Hawaii Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Association. Previously, he was awarded a five-year NIH grant to study coronary heart disease and has been on the faculty of several universities. He is also the author of over 50 research, scientific and clinical papers.  

Dr. Craig Twentyman

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